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My name's Emily, I live in Colorado, I aspire to be a music journalist in the future, but until then i'll be blogging on Tumblr. I don't take credit for anything I post here and I give credit when I know the artist or photographer. Feel free to ask questions if you're up for it!
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Twat it up

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“I didn’t get married until I was 55. But boy was it worth the wait. He looked just like Peter O’Toole!”

"The Groots"
"If studios succeed by making bad movies, other studios will follow suit. Social media buzz becomes more important to Hollywood every year, and it won’t take many more Sharknados before studios, filmmakers, and writers race to the bottom, creating terrible lowbrow art for the sake of irony (the one thing that we do not need more of these days)."

Sharknado isn’t just stupid. It’s bad for cinema.

Will our fixation with “so-bad-it’s-good” lead to anything but more trash?

(via theweekmagazine)

Black Diamond, WA by (benjohnson)